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  • Appel à contributions

    1st Global Conference Queer Sexualities

    Avant le 26 novembre - Varsovie (Pologne)

    20 years since the reclamation of the word ?queer ? by the LGBTQ
    community this conference would like to take a closer look at broad
    themes of queer sexualities through time and space, non-normative
    sexual constructions and queer sexual identities from a diverse range
    of perspectives by scholars working in various academic disciplines.

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  • Karli June Cerankowski, Megan Milks (eds.), Asexualities. Feminist and Queer Perspectives

    What is so radical about not having sex ? To answer this question, this collection of essays explores the feminist and queer politics of asexuality. Asexuality is predominantly understood as an orientation describing people who do not experience sexual attraction. In this multidisciplinary volume, the authors expand this definition of asexuality to account for the complexities of gender, race, disability, and medical discourse.

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  • Appel à contributions

    Les études ’LGBT/Queer’ - Le ’Trans/national’ : vers des affinités activistes et intellectuelles

    Avant le 15 décembre - Madrid

    Nous invitons chercheurs et activistes à participer à l’exploration des méthodes, des possibilités, des défis, et des dangers de la recherche, de l’activisme, de la pédagogie, et du curriculum ’LGBT/Queer’ dans un contexte transnational dont la technologie sert de médiateur.

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  • Appel à contributions

    Intersecting Contradiction ? Queering Religion, Religious Queers

    Avant le 6 janvier 2012

    This collection will consider how religious identity interplays with other forms and contexts of identity, specifically those related to sexual identity (Stein, 2001 ; Yip, 2005 ; Taylor, 2009). It asks how these intersections are formed, negotiated and resisted across time and places : ‘contradictions’ are both privately and publically inhabited in the context of legislative change and increasing, but often competing, socio-legal recognition.

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  • Alessia Acquistapace, "Partire da sè - Methodological challenges of a queer ethnography"

    19 mars - Paris

    Since the beginning of my fieldwork with the collective Smaschieramenti, I used “autoinchiesta” (“self-inquiry”) as a method of field research, analysis and political action at the same time. Topics were discussed starting from the personal experiences and needs of the members of the collective, and from the collective analysis of these lived experiences arose a set of unusual questions, that were later addressed to people outside the group.

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  • Appel à contributions

    Queer Places, Practices, and Lives : A Symposium in Honor of Samuel Steward

    Avant le 12 août - Columbus University, Ohio

    We invite proposals for the inaugural queer studies conference at The Ohio State University. The title is meant as an expansive call to consider a host of issues evoked by queer places, queer practices, and queer lives.

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  • "Queer au Québec" : appel à doctorant-e-s

  • Séminaire EHESS - Campus Condorcet

    Usages des théories queer. Normes, sexualités, pouvoir


    Des concepts et approches issus des théories queer - des ouvrages fondateurs, pour beaucoup d’entre eux écrits dans le contexte académique états-unien, aux ramifications plus récentes des performance studies, postcolonial queer studies, trans studies et autres, y compris en Europe - ont inspiré nombre de recherches empiriques autour de la déconstruction des normes de genre et de sexualité.

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  • Séminaire doctoral collectif de l’Atelier Condorcet 2011-12

    Cornelia Möser, "La ‘généalogisation’ comme outil d’empowerment dans les luttes queer et féministes. Une réflexion critique"

    6 janvier 2012 - Paris Pouchet

    Certains groupes féministes ont développé des techniques de production de savoir qui se situent en rupture avec le savoir androcentrique comme le consciousness raising, c’est-à-dire, la production du savoir à partir des expériences vécues.

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  • « Wet Theory » : Creative Writing as Affective Lever in Feminist & Queer Criticism

    Avant le 30 septembre

    Over the past two decades, feminist and queer critics have increasingly
    integrated forthright expressions of their own affective investments into
    their writing. This forthrightness has inspired a wealth of deviations from
    the norms of formal, scholarly discourse but little consideration has been
    given to how these experiments have contributed to theoretical knowledge.
    In an attempt to address this oversight, this roundtable seeks papers that
    explore how moments of “creative writing” in feminist and queer criticism -
    fictionalized dialogues, fannish effusions, speculative scenarios,
    multi-media/formal experiments, and personal narratives – function as
    methods for engaging affective experience and developing theoretical

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