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Appel à contributions

Intersecting Contradiction ? Queering Religion, Religious Queers

Avant le 6 janvier 2012

Date de mise en ligne : [02-11-2011]

Mots-clés : queer | religion

Yvette Taylor and Ria Snowdon (eds)

This collection will consider how religious identity interplays with other forms and contexts of identity, specifically those related to sexual identity (Stein, 2001 ; Yip, 2005 ; Taylor, 2009). It asks how these intersections are formed, negotiated and resisted across time and places : ‘contradictions’ are both privately and publically inhabited in the context of legislative change and increasing, but often competing, socio-legal recognition. Considerations of ‘sexual citizenship’ are still positioned as separate from and indeed negated by, religious rights. Questions around ‘queer’ engagements in civil partnerships and other practices (e.g. adoption) have created a number of provoking stances and policy provisions – but what remains unanswered is how people experience and situate themselves within sometimes competing, or ‘contradictory’, moments (Weeks, 2001, 2007) as ‘religious queers’ who may be tasked with ‘queering religion’.

Additionally, the presumed paradoxes of ‘marriage’, queer sexuality, religion and youth combine to generate a noteworthy generational absence. In looking at interconnectedness, this collection seeks international contributions which bridge the ‘contradictions’ in queering religion and in making visible ‘religious queers’. It hopes to offer insight into older and younger people’s understandings of religiosity (where Anglican-based LGBTQ organisations are also demonstrably those of ‘older’ adults), queer cultures, and religious groups. A small but active religious minority in the US has received much attention for its anti-gay political activity ; much less attention has been paid to the more positive, supportive role that religious-based groups play in e.g. providing housing, education and political advocacy for queer youth (see Browne, Munt, Yip, 2010).

Queer methodologies (Browne and Nash, 2010) and intersectional approaches (Taylor et al., 2010), potentially offer a lens both theoretically and methodologically, to uncover the salience of related social divisions and identities : the collection hopes to be innovative and sensitive to ‘blended’ identities and their various enactments.

Abstracts are invited to consider the intersections (and contradictions) between religious and sexual identities, and their possible interplay with other forms of identity, groups, and contexts. This can include, but is not limited to :

· Intersecting inequalities : class, race, gender, sexuality

· Competing equalities, different diversities

· Generational (dis)continuity : past, present, and futures

· Mapping methods

· Queering youth : LGBTQ and heterosexual identities

If you would like to contribute to the collection, please send your abstract (Word document) along with a brief biography to Ria Snowdon (snowdonr@lsbu.ac.uk) and Yvette Taylor (taylory@lsbu.ac.uk) by 06 January 2012. First draft chapters (8,000 words) due January 2013.


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