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Gender, sexuality and power. Queering Normativity

Avant le 10 novembre - Kharkov (Ukraine)

Date de mise en ligne : [03-10-2013]

Mots-clés : sexualité | pouvoir | queer

International Conference

The conference is organized in the frame of HESP/ReSET "Gender, sexuality, and power" project in collaboration with Boell Foundation’s Office in Ukraine.

Kharkiv (Ukraine), May 2-4 , 2014

Queer theory has been established as an academic movement since the 1990s, but as theory and as methodology (epistemology) it remains almost unrepresented in post-Soviet academia.
The aim of the conference is to create a space for scholarly discussion of studies informed by queer theory, which analyze the normative order of gender and sexuality as well as problematize traditional theories of sexuality. However, we understand queer theory not as LGBT studies, but as critical analysis of the implications of power, knowledge, and politics through which “Others” are constructed and naturalized.

We invite Eastern and Central European scholars who have been working in different areas of humanities and social sciences – history, philosophy, ethnology, cultural anthropology, cultural studies, gender studies, and sociology among others – to present papers for the following panels :

1. Queering Epistemologies for Sexuality Studies (keynote speaker Sara Crawley, USA)
This panel invites projects addressing sexuality studies that overcome the limitations of traditional approaches, and as such are focused on epistemological inquires, propose creative and non-normative uses of methods, and encourage fluidity across the social science/humanities/natural sciences divide among other ways to queer the academy. The panel is aimed at discussing epistemological and methodological issues, methods relevance and applicability, and the construction of knowledge and reality using epistemological tools.

2. Queer analysis of popular culture, media projects, and LGBT events (keynote speakers Judith/ Jack Halberstam, USA ; Vitaly Chernetsky, USA).
This panel calls for works that shift research focus from the study of LGBT representations to analyses of how the power of normativity is established through popular culture, media projects, and LGBT events (such as Ukrainian gay pride or pro-LGBT initiatives, etc.). We will discuss mechanisms and effects of new and typical strategies of “Othering” and analyse the ways of canonization and hierarchization of gender and sexual norms and deviations.

3. Queer Readings of Family and Intimacy Transformation (keynote speakers : Joanna Mizielinska, Poland ; Stevi Jackson, UK)
This panel invites papers aimed at discussing studies of non-heterosexual families in post-Communist countries, and at queer-analysis of heterosexuaity. A special focus will be brought to the deconstruction of heteronormativity and analyses of contemporary legislative initiatives in family policies and practices.

Important dates :
Deadline for applications – 10th of November, 2013.
Results of competition - 10th of December, 2013.
Submitting of the papers for discussants – 10th of April, 2014.

Please, include in your application :

1. Abstract of presentation, 300-350 words. Begin your abstract with :
а) title of your presentation,
b) which panel you envision as the framework of your presentation,
c) translation of your name and surname in Latin and Cyrillic,
d) your professional affiliation.
2. CV, maximum 5 pages.

Languages of the conference : English, Russian, and Ukrainian. Simultaneous translation (Ukr → Engl, Rus → Engl, and Engl → Ukr) will be provided.

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