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  • Sexual violence in armed conflicts : interdisciplinary perspectives

    5 juillet - Paris CERI

    The International Research Group "Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict" was founded in October 2010 in Hamburg. It aims to bring together empirical and theoretical studies focusing on sexual violence in different theaters of armed conflict in a series of workshops and conferences. Historians, legal scholars, sociologists, philosophers, psychologists, experts in cultural studies, and human rights activists develop common research questions and a framework for comparison, present and discuss their work, and explore opportunities for cooperation.

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  • Living war. Thinking peace (1914-1921). Women’s experiences, feminist thought and international relations

    Avant le 28 février - Venise

    The online journal dedicated to women’s memory, DEP. Deportees, Exiles, Refugees (www.unive.it/dep), is organising an international conference on women and the First World War to be held in Venice on 27th and 28th November 2014. The themes of the conference will bring together women’s experiences of war, feminist thought on the war/peace dichotomy, and the actions and behaviours that actualised the female vision of the issues and suffering brought about by the war.

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  • Livre

    Raphaëlle Branche et Fabrice Virgili, Viols en temps de guerre

    Ce livre pionnier éclaire la place et le sens des viols en temps de guerre. Parce que les victimes étaient majoritairement des civils et des femmes, les viols furent longtemps relégués au second plan, à la marge du champ de bataille.

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  • Appel à contributions

    War in a Gender Context. Topics and Perspectives within Women’s and Gender History of the First World War

    Avant le 31 décembre - Vienne (Autriche)

    Research on the First World War has been experiencing a surge in
    popularity for some time, albeit not in all national historiographies
    and scientific cultures equally.

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  • Séminaire de recherche du CEDREF

    Violences, guerre et militarisation : analyses féministes

    Paris Diderot

    Responsables : Jules Falquet, Dominique Fougeyrollas, Azadeh Kian

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  • Être homosexuel.le en Europe au temps de la Seconde Guerre mondiale (Histoire, mémoire, commémoration)

    27 mars - Paris CNRS

    Comment les hommes et les femmes homosexuels en Europe ont-­‐ils vécu la Seconde Guerre mondiale ? Comment commémorer les persécutions subies ?

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  • La Guerre d’Algérie, le sexe et l’effroi

    9-10 octobre - Paris

    Ce colloque, international et pluridisciplinaire, voudrait interroger, au-delà de la sexualisation attachée à tout épisode belliqueux, l’omniprésence du sexe dans les discours et les figurations de la guerre d’Algérie.

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  • Love, Sex and War : Towards another History of 20th Century Europe

    Avant le 30 novembre - Paris

    This workshop will launch a two-­‐year research project focusing on the history of love, sex, and war in Europe. Historian Dagmar Herzog has called the 20th century “the century of sex,” while Laura Lee Downs and Kathleen Canning consider it a time when “gender troubles” emerged. Yet, the 20th century also initiated greater equality between the sexes and increasing liberalization of sexual norms and rights. Both categories – gender and sexuality – profoundly shaped the last century. Two world wars, genocide, and other episodes of mass violence make it crucial to examine European societies from a social and cultural perspective and to ask : what role did gender and sexuality play in these events ?

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  • Women in Arms : from the Russian Empire to Post-Soviet States

    Avant le 15 avril - PIPSS

    The military has never been an male-exclusive world (soldiers’ wives, canteen women, nurses, etc.), but the fact that women could bear arms and fight, in the army or other power structures, still remains controversial, calling into question gender roles and social evolution as a whole. In 2006, the Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies (http://pipss.org/) dedicated one of its issue to the question of Women and/in the Military in Tsarist, Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia (http://pipss.revues.org/448). In this new PIPSS issue, we want to change the focus and tackle the question of women fighters, whether inside the army or in more or less formalized armed group.

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  • Femmes résistantes

    27 mai - Sénat

    Colloque organisé dans le cadre de la Journée nationale de la Résistance

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