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Representing Sexual Humanitarianism

23_24 septembre - Marseille

Date de mise en ligne : [07-09-2015]

Mots-clés : sexualité

International Workshop

MuCEM - Marseille

23 and 24 September 2015

Since January 2014 the Embodied Borders research project, based at the Mediterranean Laboratory of Sociology (LAMES) of Aix-Marseille Université, has looked critically at humanitarian interventions and policies addressing victims of sex trafficking and gender/sexual minority asylum seekers in the UK and France. The project examines the workings of ‘sexual humanitarianism’, a concept used to understand and represent the humanitarian governance of undesirable migrants that are framed as vulnerable according to their gender, sexual orientation and/or behaviours.
What is at stake when sexuality/gender are rendered an apparatus of rights-claims in the context of migration control ?
How do sexuality and gender-related moral panics function when migrant populations are specifically targeted ?
How do the neoliberal imperatives of guaranteeing freedom and making the State secure co-exist in processes of filtering populations at the borders ?
Which artistic, political, policymaking, documentary, and fictional representations naturalise and operationalise sexual humanitarianism ?
Throughout the two-day workshop at the MuCEM (Marseille) we will engage with artists, filmmakers, scholars, and activists whose work is focused on sexuality, gender and migration issues.


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