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International Workshop

Economic Crisis, Labour Markets and Gender

22 avril - Paris

Date de mise en ligne : [02-04-2013]

Mots-clés : économie

International Workshop - CEE, Ires and Presage-OFCE
April 22, 2013

The financial crisis of 2007 has diversely hit European countries, causing economic and labour market disequilibria of more or less magnitude. As with past global crises, the current one has gendered implications. While women’s employment is said to be preserved relatively to men’s in the early stages of a recession, austerity plans implemented in several countries to limit public deficits and debts are deemed to affect female workers more deeply.
The aim of the workshop is to explore the gendered dimensions of past and/or present crises’ impacts on European labour markets. How gendered are these impacts and how should cross-country differences be analysed ? The seminal book edited by Jill Rubery in 1988, Women and recession, carried out a comprehensive and comparative review of the gendered dimensions of past recessions that constitutes an invaluable guidebook for the present. Are common hypotheses – gender-segregation in the labour market, the extent of public support for women’s participation, etc. – still relevant to analyzing the gender implications of recent crises ? Are public policies implemented in times of crisis gender neutral or do they impact differently on women’s and men’s employment ? The workshop will both adopt a comparative perspective and provide a focus on selected countries.

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