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Anna van der Vleuten, "Gender Equality Norms in Regional Governance : Transnational Dynamics in Europe and Southern Africa"

12 novembre - Bruxelles

Date de mise en ligne : [03-10-2014]

Mots-clés : politique publique | égalité

Intervention dans le cadre du groupe Genre et politique de l’Association belge francophone de science politique

12 novembre, de 18 à 20h salle Henri Janne (15ème étage)
Université Libre de Bruxelles

Discussant :

Petra Meier (Universiteit Antwerpen)

Présentation :

This lecture will set out the core ideas of Gender Equality Norms in Regional Goivernance. Transnational Dynamics in Europe, South America and Southern Africa (Palgrave 2014, Gender and Politics Series), edited by Anna van der Vleuten, Anouka van Eerdewijk and Conny Roggeband.
The book offers a comparative study of norm diffusion in world regions and by regional organizations. The main question guiding the book is : how does regional governance affect the diffusion of gender equality norms ? The book challenges the existing literature on transnational norm diffusion by offering a multidirectional approachwhich allows us to critically engage with the concept of ‘Normative Power Europe’. It shows how the dominant logics of regional integration and the transformative logics of gender equality norms impact on norm diffusion. Also, norm diffusion is presented as a process that is deeply embedded in the activism of civil society networks. We show how feminist actors challenge and redefine the logics, and we unpack the geometries of actor constellations. Two transformative norms were selected for the empirical analysis : violence against women, and gender mainstreaming in aid and trade policies. In this lecture, the processes of norm diffusion are illustrated with examples from EU and SADC.

Anna van der Vleuten is Associate Professor of European Integration at the Institute for Management Research at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Her fields of expertise are gender equality, comparative regionalism and interregionalism (EU, SADC, Mercosur). Her current research focuses on LBGT rights and the role of supranational courts, and on the diffusion of gender equality norms in and between the EU and other regional organizations.


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