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Gender, Culture and Aging

Date de mise en ligne : [16-03-2015]

Mots-clés : vieillesse | culture

Book proposal

Editors Nicole Flipsen, Rekha Pande, Theo van der Weide

Introduction :

A most important phase in human life is aging. In all cultures and in all times people somehow have to deal with this phase in their life. In this book we focus on how in various cultures aging is experienced, what values are assigned to the older age, and how these values are practiced. These issues become even more relevant by increasing prosperity worldwide, and more comfort from modern technology. When people have a higher life expectancy, the period after aging is becoming more important.
Yet people have to deal with the physical changes in ‘midlife’, and have to find new goals for the lengthening after-aging period in their lives. The purpose of this book is to obtain a better understanding of the aging phase for a better preparation on the after-aging phase.
In this book we want to study this topic from various points of view. First we want to obtain a fair understanding of the relevant concepts by analyzing the ‘midlife’ issues, the physical aspects of aging, and the emotional value in the context of the culture in which people are living. Typical questions are : How does aging affect people self-awareness and self esteem, how do people deal with their aging body ?
We also want to position this phase of life in earlier adult phases, especially we want to address personal life changes as a result of pregnancy, mother- and fatherhood.
The various cultural issues will be covered by case studies from various cultures. We want to relate the findings to typical cultural characteristics, and also show how social influences guide and restrict people during this phase.
Finally, we also want to draw some conclusions from the case studies to find overall suggestions for people in handling the midlife phase of their life in a more effective way.
There is a dearth of studies, which looks into self-awareness in gender and aging in a holistic manner. Our intention is to bring together in this book leading researchers and to add together their various points of view into a coherent volume.

Book chapters are related to this issue on any of the following, though not necessarily limited to these themes.
. Theories of Aging
. Midlife
. International and National Policies related to Aging
. Physical and emotional behaviour
. Gender and self-esteem
. Early Adulthood to late Midlife
. Cultural influences (case studies)
. Societal influences
. Health and Aging
. Disability and aging


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