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Les Femmes s’entêtent. Feminism, writing, art and film 1975-2015 : bilan(s) et avenir(s)

Avant le 31 août - Leeds

Date de mise en ligne : [08-04-2014]

Mots-clés : féminisme | littérature | arts | cinéma

Women In French 2015 Conference

Organisers :

Margaret Atack, Alison Fell, Diana Holmes, Imogen Long (University of Leeds and University of Hull)

8-10 May 2015, Leeds

Les Femmes s’entêtent (1975) was one of the pioneering texts of feminism in France, bringing together short stories, essays, experiences, poems and social analysis in a great outburst of creativity, of contestation and resistance. Integrating the renewed anger at the oppression and marginalisation of women that had developed in the aftermath of ‘68, Les Femmes s’entêtent was an exhilarating and powerful text with its multiplicity of new perspectives and new kinds of writing. It appeared in a remarkable year for social, political and creative analysis, including Chantal Akerman, Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, Marie Cardinal, Les Mots pour le dire, Hélène Cixous and Catherine Clément, La Jeune Née, and Simone de Beauvoir et la lutte des femmes (L’Arc) that included Cixous, ‘Le Rire de la méduse’, and Christine Delphy, ‘Pour un féminisme matérialiste’.
The aim of the conference will be to take forward into the 21st century the social, political and cultural agendas of Les Femmes s’entêtent, with a critical re-evaluation of this key moment in the history of feminism and women’s writing, not only revisiting this and other texts but pursuing their various legacies in French and Francophone writing, film and society, examining the strengths and limitations of these approaches as new questions and new conjunctures have come into play. How have theoretical and empirical developments in queer studies, transgender studies, postcolonial studies and postmodernist philosophies extended, inflected and challenged feminist work ? ‘La contestation antisexiste’ Beauvoir concluded her preface to Les femmes s’entêtent, ‘détruira certaines de nos entraves, (et) nous ouvrira à de nouvelles vérités’. What are the ‘nouvelles vérités’ of 2015 ?

We welcome proposals for individual papers and full panels in English or in French. Proposals for papers (300 words maximum) should be accompanied by a very brief cv. Panel proposals should be accompanied by a short rationale, and a 300 word description and brief cv for each of the papers.

Suggested areas for papers/panels include but are not limited to :
Re-evaluating the 1970s and its legacy
Interdisciplinary connections past and present
New interventions
Utopias and dystopias
Résistance(s) au féminin
Feminism and the family
Women as readers
Teaching women’s studies
Everyday sexism
Women in the public arena
Visual/textual practices
Histories and herstories
Feminist theory
Gender and memory studies

Proposals should be sent to : smlcresearch@leeds.ac.uk - please put ‘Women in French 2015’ in title box.

Deadline : 31 August 2014.

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