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Teaching Women’s Studies in Conservative Contexts

Avant le 21 janvier - Atlanta, USA

Date de mise en ligne : [16-01-2014]

Clayton State University, Atlanta, USA

Within the field of Women’s Studies we are keenly aware that today, more
than 50 years after Betty Friedan’s groundbreaking book, The Feminine
Mystique (1973), some people (including many women) do not view Women’s
Studies as a viable field of study. Particularly among groups who
self-identify as conservative, Women’s Studies may be mocked and rejected.
The field regularly receives criticism from mainstream conservative
communicators including conservative radio personalities. As theorists and
practitioners of Women’s Studies who believe in the philosophy of inclusion,
compassion, and activism, we wish to address misconceptions about our work
and highlight our shared interests with groups who have not traditionally
been represented within Women’s Studies. Specifically we wish to target
religious and political conservatives and moderates who value collaborative
action on behalf of vulnerable groups.
Coming off of a successful conference panel of the same name, our collection
of essays will offer pedagogical and theoretical support to instructors who
teach women’s studies in religiously-, politically- or socially conservative
environments and/or to practitioners who consider themselves to fit within a
conservative ideology.

For our book project, we welcome proposals for chapters of 4000-8000 words
(roughly 15-30 pages) on the themes related to teaching women’s studies in
conservative contexts. We see potential themes treating but not limited to
the following ideas :

. Teaching abortion using politically inclusive strategies
. Adoption studies as a growing field of activism
. Notions of Fitness and Notions of Fitness in Religious Contexts
. Teaching Women’s Studies in explicitly religious environments
(church, private religious institution)
. Investigations of Porn culture, with a focus on lives of women and
men in the industry
. Conservative theory as a Critical Ideology
. Impacts of Sexualization on Girls
. Girl Activism
. Post-feminism
. Connections between Porn and Human Trafficking
. New Directions for Teaching Racism in Women’s Studies
. Sexual Restraint and Poverty

Send 750 word proposals (abstracts) with the subject line "Conservative
Contexts" and a one-page CV to Cantice Greene at
canticegreene@clayton.edu. Queries and
questions are also welcome.
Submissions are due by January 21, 2014. Authors will be notified by March
14th. Completed essays will be due June 1, 2014.

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