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P. Nadell, K. Haulman (ed.), Making Women’s Histories. Beyond National Perspectives

Date de mise en ligne : [27-05-2015]

Mots-clés : histoire

NYU Press, 288 p., 26 dollars. ISBN : 9780814758915

Making Women’s Histories showcases the transformations that the intellectual and political production of women’s history has engendered across time and space. It considers the difference women’s and gender history has made to and within national fields of study, and to what extent the wider historiography has integrated this new knowledge. What are the accomplishments of women’s and gender history ? What are its shortcomings ? What is its future ?
 The contributors discuss their discovery of women’s histories,the multiple turns the field has taken, and how place affected the course of this scholarship. Noted scholars of women’s and gender history, they stand atop such historiographically-defined vantage points as Tsarist Russia, the British Empire in Egypt and India, Qing-dynasty China, and the U.S. roiling through the 1960s. From these and other peaks they gaze out at the world around them, surveying trajectories in the creation of women’s histories in recent and distant pasts and envisioning their futures.


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