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Sexuality in the Post-Marriage Equality Era

Avant le 11 septembre - Humboldt Journal of Social Relations

Date de mise en ligne : [03-04-2015]

Mots-clés : sexualité | mariage

Special Issue of Humboldt Journal of Social Relations

The Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (HJSR) is a peer reviewed free online journal housed in the Department of Sociology at Humboldt State University. This internationally recognized journal produces annual themed spring editions around current issues and topics. While the articles primarily draw authors from the social sciences, we have also facilitated interdisciplinary collaborations among authors from the arts, humanities, natural sciences & the social sciences. For more information about HJSR, see the journal web site : http://www.humboldt.edu/hjsr/
Spring 2016 Special Issue : Sexuality in the Post-Marriage Equality Era
This special issue of the Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (HJSR) examines U.S. culture and politics after the marriage equality tipping point. As of February 2015, 71% of the U.S. is living in a state where same-sex marriage is legal. Many queer activists have been concerned that the focus on marriage equality would take away from other queer social movements, or fundamentally change queer norms and institutions. Has that happened ? What is next for queers in the U.S.? Submissions are due on September 11, 2015. Proposed topics include :
· Notions of the “family”—has marriage equality changed the queer family and kinship system ? Do queer people now face additional pressure to have kids ?
· Next and continuing steps for queer social movements.
· New and changing intersections between queer and other identities, such as racial, religious, immigration status, ability or fat.
· Changing issues of rights, such as housing and employment.
· Bridges between queer social movements and others, such as immigration, homelessness, prison abolition and environmental activism.
· Renewed or diminished focus on political participation, including voting, running for office, holding office and lobbying.
· Changing strategies of litigation in queer movements.
· Major issues around which we raise funds and awareness for queer issues.
· The evolving social and political relationship with the T in LGBT.
Authorship : All authors are encouraged to collaborate with others inside or outside academia. Interdisciplinary submissions are welcome.
Manuscript Submission :
1. Manuscripts should be in 12 point font, double spaced and generally not exceed 8500 words. To facilitate blind review, authors should incorporate a cover page that includes an article title, author contact information, a biographical statement of 75 words or less, and an abstract of 150 words or less. Format citations, tables, figures and references using American Sociological Association style.
2. Email hjsr@humboldt.edu with a message subject “HJSR : Sexuality Submission” and attach your manuscript in .doc or.docx format.
3. Via postal mail, send a check for $20 made out to “HJSR” including a note with your contact information, and the date on which you sent your electronic submission.
4. Submission implies commitment to publish HJSR. Authors should not simultaneously submit to another journal. Manuscripts should not have been published elsewhere.

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