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Gender and consumer cultures in late- and post-authoritarian Greece, Spain and Portugal, 1960s–1980s

Avant le 20 août - Grèce

Date de mise en ligne : [17-06-2013]

We invite scholars to submit abstracts for a proposed volume on the intersection of gender and consumer cultures in Greece, Portugal and Spain from the 1960s to 1980s. The three countries serve as ideal examples for a comparative and, potentially, a transfer analysis, based on similarities with regards to their political and financial conditions as well as to the significant social and cultural changes that occurred in the late period and in the aftermath of the Francoist regime (1936/39–1975), the Estado Novo (1933–1974) and the military dictatorship in Greece (1967–1974). We welcome the contribution of scholars working in diverse fields of the humanities, such as history, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, media studies, discourse theory, political theory and performance studies.

Potential topics (in relation to one of three countries, or from a comparative/transfer perspective) are :
Consumer culture and identity/relation of individual to collective. Relationship between consumer expectations and actual practice. Impact of migration and tourism
Spaces, objects, performances : leisure, spaces, fashion, cosmetics, sex shops
The ‘production of consumption’ ; the crafting and impact of advertising
Representations of gender and consumption, circulating, among others, in newspapers, textbooks, tourist brochures, publications of diverse actors, such as political parties, consumer associations and the church
Emergence of gender stereotypes, normativity, gender performativity (for instance, queer/drag)

Abstracts :

Maximum of 300 words, to include topic (from the above list ; other ideas welcome), a thesis statement, approach and methodology.

Deadline : Abstracts should be emailed by 20 August, to newcfp@gmail.com
For informal enquiries, please contact Dr. Kostis Kornetis (kornetis@gmail.com), Dr. Eirini Kotsovili (eirini.dionysia@gmail.com) and Dr. Nikolaos Papadogiannis (npapadogian@gmail.com)

Infos complètes :


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