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Appel à contributions

Gender and Politics Series

Avant le 29 juin

Date de mise en ligne : [18-05-2010]

Editors : Johanna Kantola, Adjunct Professor in Politics, Helsinki University and Judith Squires, Professor of Political Theory, Bristol University.

Series Advisory Board :

Louise Chappell, University of Sydney, Australia
Joni Lovenduski, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK
Amy Mazur, Washington State University, USA
Jacqui True, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Mieke Verloo, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Laurel Weldon, Purdue University, USA

Summary :

This timely new series publishes leading monographs and edited collections from scholars working in the disciplinary areas of politics, international relations and public policy with specific reference to questions of gender. The series showcases cutting-edge research in Gender and Politics, publishing topical and innovative approaches to gender politics. It will include exciting work from new authors and well-known academics and will also publish high-impact writings by practitioners working in issues relating to gender and politics.

The series covers a politics, international relations and public policy, including : gendered engagement with mainstream political science issues, such as political systems and policy making, representation and participation, citizenship and identity, equality, and women’s movements ; gender and international relations, including feminist approaches to international institutions, political economy and global politics ; and interdisciplinary and emergent areas of study, such masculinities studies, gender and multiculturalism, and intersectionality.

Potential contributors are encouraged to contact the series editors :

Johanna Kantola, University of Helsinki, Finland (johanna.kantola@helsinki.fi)
Judith Squires, University of Bristol, UK (judith.squires@bristol.ac.uk)

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