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Joyce Outshoorn, "An untamed problem : the efficacy of prostitution policies"

19 février - Bruxelles

Date de mise en ligne : [17-02-2014]

Mots-clés : prostitution

Conférence organisée par le groupe Genre et politique de l’Association belge francophone de science politique

Mercredi 19 février, 18-20h

ULB, Institut de Sociologie, Salle Henri Janne (15e étage)
Avenue Jeanne 44, Bruxelles

Abstract :

Prostitution is an untamed problem for policy makers. It takes many different forms, ranging from streetwalking to high class escort services, and is marked by contesting definitions (Is it sex work ? Is it sexual oppression ? Is it an issue of public order ?) Each of these problem definitions leads to very different policies in European countries, such as regulation, abolition or criminalization of the client. In this lecture I shall examine current debates on the issue and argue that most policies are not effective in countering the negative aspects of prostitution and have unintended effects, such as damaging sex workers’ rights and supplanting one form of prostitution by another.

Biography :

Joyce Outshoorn is Professor Emeritus of Women’s Studies at the University of Leiden, where she is affiliated to the Institute of Political Science. She is editor of The Politics of Prostitution (2004) and, with Johanna Kantola, Changing State Feminism (2007). Her work has been published in Public Administration Review, Social Politics, Acta Politica, Journal of Comparative Public Policy and European Journal of Women’s Studies. She was co-convenor of the Research Network on Gender Politics and the State (RNGS) and one of the project leaders of the Feminism and Citizenship (FEMCIT) project. Her research interests are women’s movements, women’s equality policy, and body politics, notably abortion and prostitution.

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