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Appel à contributions

Frontiers : A Journal of Women Studies, "Gender and the City"

Avant le 15 août 2009

Date de mise en ligne : [16-04-2009]

A Special Issue of Frontiers : A Journal of Women Studies
Guest Editors :

Maureen A. Flanagan (Department of History, Michigan State University)
Maryann Valiulis (Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Trinity
College, Dublin) mvliulis@tcd.ie

Due date for Receipt of Papers is August 15, 2009

Call for Papers :

This special issue of Frontiers : A Journal of Women Studies will explore
reciprocal relationships between gender and the city. For many decades
feminist scholars in numerous and diverse fields have studied the
importance of gender in constituting cities and the role of urban places
in constructing gender. We want to develop a vigorous cross and
inter-disciplinary conversation about these relationships of gender and
the city. We therefore call for papers and creative works that analyze
urban political, social, economic, and cultural experiences,
institutions, and representations ; the urban environment, including
interior and exterior spatial arrangements and architecture ; and the
role of women in this dynamic relationship of gender and the urban.

An inter- and multidisciplinary journal, Frontiers welcomes submissions
of creative works such as artwork, fiction, and poetry, as well as
scholarly papers. Works must be original, and not published or under
consideration for publication elsewhere. We encourage those interested
in contributing to the special issue to email the guest editors.

Submissions should be sent to Frontiers as email attachments to
frontiers@asu.edu or on disc according to submission guidelines at http://www.asu.edu/clas/history/frontiers/submit.html. Author names
should not appear on the manuscript ; list contact information

Address :

Editors, Frontiers : A Journal of Women Studies, Department of History,
Arizona State University, P. O. Box 874302, Tempe, AZ 85287-4302


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