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Appel à contributions

Sensing Masculinity. Thinking about the Masculine Body

Avant le 18 avril

Date de mise en ligne : [02-04-2009]

à Gand (Belgique), en avril 2010, dans le cadre de l’European Social Science History Conference

Thinking about representations of and discourses surrounding the male body usually entails thinking about the visible or tangible body. Studies concerning the history, sociology or anthropology of men’s bodies tend to focus on esthetical ideals (such as the muscular look), the ability to inflict or experience pain (most notably in times of war) or to give or experience pleasure (within or outside the hetero-normative bedroom). This CFP is an invitation to think about the masculine body once again, and to think beyond ‘seeing’ and ‘feeling’ as the only means to experience, analyse or represent bodies.

In one or more sessions, we welcome papers dealing with theoretical and methodological issues concerning the study of men’s bodies in the social sciences (see p.2) and more empirical papers focussing on (for example) the construction and representation of men’s voices, men’s consumption patterns of food and drink and men’s body- and facial hair.

The sessions are organised as part of the “Gender and Women’s History” Network at the Social science history conference that will take place in Ghent, 13-16 april 2010. (http://www.iisg.nl/esshc/).

Please send proposals, before 18 april 2009, to


or Josephine.hoegaerts@arts.kuleuven.be.

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