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Gender & Society, "A Gender Lens on Religion"

Date de mise en ligne : [16-03-2015]

Mots-clés : religion

February 2015 ; 29 (1)

This special issue is the result of concerns about the marginalized status of gender within the sociology of religion. The collection of exciting new research in this special issue advocates for the importance of a gender lens on questions of religion in order to highlight issues, practices, peoples, and theories that would otherwise not be central to the discipline. We encourage sociologists who study religion to engage more in interdisciplinary and intersectional scholarship, acknowledge developments in the global South, and develop more compelling theoretical frameworks that analyze religion from a gendered perspective. Our aim is to bring religion to the attention of gender and feminist scholars and to encourage religion scholars to consider gender not just as a variable but as a social structure. We hope that both groups of scholars will consider gender and religion as mutually constitutive social categories.

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> Orit Avishai, Afshan Jafar, and Rachel Rinaldo
A Gender Lens on Religion


> Lynne Gerber
Grit, Guts, and Vanilla Beans : Godly Masculinity in the Ex-Gay Movement
> Pamela J. Prickett
Negotiating Gendered Religious Space : The Particularities of Patriarchy in an African American Mosque
> Tanya Zion-Waldoks
Politics of Devoted Resistance : Agency, Feminism, and Religion among Orthodox Agunah Activists in Israel
> Ayesha Khurshid
Islamic Traditions of Modernity : Gender, Class, and Islam in a Transnational Women’s Education Project
> Kristin Aune
Feminist Spirituality as Lived Religion : How UK Feminists Forge Religio-spiritual Lives


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