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Appel à contributions

Histories of Capitalism / Women, Gender and Sexuality

Avant le 1er mars

Date de mise en ligne : [02-02-2012]

Mots-clés : sexualité

Social Science History Association Conference 2012

Women, Gender& Sexuality Network,
Social Science History Association

01.11.2012-04.11.2012, Vancouver, CA

The Women, Gender and Sexuality Network of the Social
Science History Association calls for papers for the 2012
SSHA conference.

The 2012 SSHA conference will be held in Vancouver, British
Columbia, from November 1-4. The conference theme is
"Histories of Capitalism." For more information on the
conference-wide call for papers, and the other networks
please see the SSHA website at

We invite submissions of (preferably) full panels and
individual papers by March 1, 2012.

We are also interested to hear from scholars willing to
volunteer as chair or discussant.

Panels organized around this year’s theme are especially
encouraged, and there are many aspects of this theme that
could be explored from a WGS perspective.

Submissions about the meeting location - Vancouver - are
also welcome, as well any other topics related to social
science history.

The WGS network representatives are
Dominique Grisard dominique.grisard@unibas.ch
Roxana Galusca rgalusca@uchicago.edu and
Anna Korteweg anna.korteweg@utoronto.ca.

We are here to help you organize panels, and act as your
liaison with the Program Committee.

Please find panel ideas generated at last year’s WGS network
meeting below :

I. Work

- Gender and workplace (queer / trans perspectives on the
workplace) - Questioning the "care work" paradigms

- Formal / informal work

- Capitalism and domestic service. UK and USA - Longue duree
of household and capitalism

- Invisible (female) workers historically
II. Consumption, Commodification

- Commodification of parenting

- Consumption and gendered selfhood

- Consuming activism : Pink ribbon breast cancer activism
- Commerce of sex in the movement to combat sex trafficking

- Occupy
III. Global economies

- Economic crisis and gender

- Reproductive Tourism and Surrogacy (incl. reproductive
technologies& biotechnology)

- Traffic in Feminism

- (International) Adoption

- Fostering

- Intergenerational wealth

- Single headed households

- Affective economies

- "No Borders" and "No One Is Illegal" : Feminist and Queer
Practices of Citizenship
IV. Misc.

- Ayn Rand

- Aids activism and gender

- Women and biography

- Elderly / Elderly Care


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