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Conférence - Workshop

Gender in Central Asia : Contemporary Issues in Nation-Building of Post Soviet States

4 juin - Paris

Date de mise en ligne : [16-05-2012]

Comité d’organisation :

Lucia Direnberger, Université Paris 7 Diderot, CSPRP, CEDREF : lucia.direnberger@gmail.com

Anna Jarry-Omarova, Université Paris 7 Diderot, CEDREF : anna.jarry@free.fr

Iman Karzabi, Science Po, CERI, IEC : iman.karzabi@gmail.com

4 juin

Réseau Asie - Pacifique / Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme

190, avenue de France - 75013 Paris

Programme :

. 9.00-9.30 : Opening Speech
Azadeh KIAN, University of Paris 7 Diderot, CEDREF, France and Anna JARRY-OMAROVA, CEDREF

. 9.30-10.00 : Theorizing Gender and Nation

Nira YUVAL-DAVIS, University of East London, United Kingdom

. 10.00-10.30 : Studying Gender and Nation in Post-communist Context

> Elena GAPOVA, Western Michigan University, United States of America

. 10.30-13.00 : Constructions and Representations of Gender Identities in Nation-building projects in Post-communist Countries

> Anna REKHVIASHVILI, Central European University, Hungary : “Nationalism and motherhood in contemporary Georgia”

> Iman KARZABI, Institute of Political Science of Paris, France : “Women and President Lukashenko’s nationalist ideology in Belarus”

> Diana KUDAIBERGENOVA, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom : “The representation of femininity and masculinity in the formation of national ideas and national symbols in Central Asia : between state and artist”

> Elira TURDUBAYEVA, Turkey Manas University, Kyrgyzstan : “Discursive construction of gender in the media in Kyrgyzstan : Representation of women in the television”

. 14.00-15.30 : Body, Sexuality and Nation

> Catherine POUJOL, National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations, France : “From batche to goluboï, the course of a “social taboo” in Central Asia”

> Tohir KALANDAROV, Academy of Sciences, Russia : “Intimate Life of Female Migrants from Central Asia to Moscow”

> Mohira SUYARKULOVA, University of Saint Andrews, United Kingdom : “Power, glamour and discourse of dress in Central Asia”

. 15.30-17.00 : Collective Mobilizations of Women

> Lucia DIRENBERGER, University of Paris 7 Diderot, France : “What de-sovietization implies for women’s associations in Tajikistan ? Impacts of patriarchy as a state discourse on national identity”

> Joana HOARE, School of Oriental and African Studies, United Kingdom : “Doing gender activism in a donor-organized framework : constraints and opportunities in Kyrgyzstan”

> Maria DEIANA, Queen’s University, United Kingdom : “Fighting Against Windmills ? The Promises and Perils of Collective. Action in Post-Dayton Bosnia-Herzegovina”

. 17.30-18.30 : Conflicts, Borders and Gender

> Aksana ISMAILBEKOVA, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Germany : “Post Conflict Socio-Economic Situation : A Case of Conflict Affected Female-Headed Households in Osh, Kyrgyzstan”

> Isabella DAMIANI, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ulm, France : “Gender and Borders : cross-border issues in the valley of Ferghana”

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