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Barbara Bagilhole and Kate White (Ed.), Gender, Power and Management. A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Higher Education

Date de mise en ligne : [18-07-2011]

Mots-clés : éducation

Palgrave & MacMillan Ed., 232 p., 65 livres. ISBN : 9780230232259

Gender, Power and Management is the first multi-country study to examine the dynamics of men and women working together in higher education senior management teams within a broader organizational context.

It is based on interviews with women and men in university senior management in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. It explores pathways into senior management, perceptions of how women and men regard each other’s performance in top management jobs, and their influence on universities. It questions where women fit in university senior management, whether or not women can and do make a distinctive contribution to university decision-making, and the impact of organizational cultures on their effectiveness as managers and leaders.

Finally, it explores why interventions need to be developed for women who wish to apply for higher education senior management positions.


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