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Appel à contributions

Unequal Sisters : Women, Gender, and Global Inequalities in Historical Perspective

Avant le 31 décembre

Date de mise en ligne : [16-12-2008]

The International Federation for Research in Women’s History/Fédération
Internationale pour la Recherche en Histoire des Femmes

CfP for IFRWH Conference in Amsterdam, August 2010
(in conjunction with the 21st International Congress of Historical
Sciences, 22-28 August 2010)

The general theme of our 2010 conference will be : “Unequal Sisters :
Women, Gender, and Global Inequalities in Historical Perspective.” The
aim of this theme is to focus on and further explore women’s history
from a global and non-Western perspective. Within that frame we are
looking for papers that deal with a variety of material and nonmaterial
inequalities and hierarchies – such as those related to class, gender,
“race,” caste, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, education, age, or
health – that have affected women’s lives in and across all parts of the
world and in different historical periods. We also hope to explore the
many ways in which women have challenged or fought these inequalities
and hierarchies, i.e., through different kinds of politics and activism,
as well as individual actions and forms of resistance in the so-called
“private sphere.”

We welcome papers that rethink relations and interconnections between
women and women’s organizations in different regions and parts of the
world and encourage panels with an international composition that
explore topics, concepts, historical events, and/or the role of
organizations and individuals from a variety of locations and
perspectives. How, for instance, are Clara Zetkin, Paulina Luisi, or
Sarojini Naidu remembered in different locations and political contexts ?
Were there other local, national, regional, or transnational leaders or
“heroines” that inspired women in their various struggles ? What forms
did patriarchy take in different historical and geographical contexts,
and how did it interact with capitalism ? How did “race” shape women’s
lives and women’s movements in differing temporal and spatial contexts ?
What was the impact of the imposition of Western gender categories in
places where “woman” as a social category did not exist ? In what ways
did women in varied times and places challenge particular and
intersecting hierarchies ?

The deadline for submitting proposals is December 31, 2008.
Paper proposals : Please submit a one-page abstract with a title, short
description of the paper and its relation to the overall theme, plus
contact information.
Panel proposals : Please include a short description of the panel’s
theme, short descriptions of the proposed papers, and contact
information for all participants. Suggestions for commentators and
chairs are most welcome.

Proposals for papers and panels should be sent to Francisca de Haan at

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