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Appel à contributions

"Sexual Nationalisms : Gender, Sexuality and the Politics of Belonging in the New Europe"

Avant le 1er septembre - Amsterdam (Pays-Bas)

Date de mise en ligne : [06-07-2010]

Conference - 27, 28 January 2011 - University of Amsterdam

Présentation :

Since 1989, and even more so after 9/11, the rise of new nationalisms
has been inextricably linked to a refashioning of the politics,
identities and imaginaries of gender and sexuality in Europe. The old
virile nationalism analyzed by George Mosse is now being reinvented in
the light of a new brand of sexual politics. Feminist demands and
claims of (homo)sexual liberation have moved from the counter-cultural
margins to the heart of many European countries ? national
imaginations, and have become a central factor in the European Union ?s
production of itself as an imaginary community. Rhetorics of
lesbian/gay and women ?s rights have played pivotal roles in discourses
and policies redefining modernity in sexual terms, and sexual
modernity in national terms. How are these baffling shifts in the
cultural and social location of sexuality and gender to be understood ?

In Europe and beyond, the refashioning of citizenship contributes to
the redefinition of secular liberalism as cultural whiteness.
Homophobia and conservatism, gender segregation and sexual violence
have been represented as alien to modern European culture and
transposed upon the bodies, cultures and religions of migrants,
especially Muslims and their descendants. In the process, the status
of Europe ?s ethnic minorities as citizens has come under question. How
can the entanglement of sexual and gender politics, anti-immigration
policies, and the current reinvention of national belonging be
analyzed ? How are we to understand the appropriation of elements of
the feminist and sexual liberation agenda by the populist and
Islamophobic right ?



We invite all those interested to submit a one-page abstract and a CV by :

September 1, 2010.

Abstracts as well as questions can be sent to : Robert Davidson

Organizing Committee : Laurens Buijs, Sébastien Chauvin, Robert
Davidson, Jan Willem Duyvendak, Eric Fassin, Amade M ?charek, Paul
Mepschen, Rachel Spronk, Bregje Termeer, and Oscar Verkaaik

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