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II European Geographies of Sexualities Conference

On sexual (hetero)normativities : a look at spatial performances of privileges

Avant le 18 avril - Lisbonne

Date de mise en ligne : [02-04-2013]

Mots-clés : géographie

II European Geographies of Sexualities Conference
Lisbon, September 5th-7th

Convened by : Karine Duplan (University of Paris-Sorbonne, Division of Geography)

Geographers have demonstrated over the last two decades that space is a social construct, of which the sexualized dimensions deserve to be analysed. This expanding body of work has more recently paid attention to the active production of space as heterosexualized, focusing on how “sexual others” live and experience space on a daily basis (Oswin 2008). Geographers address this hegemony by questioning how heterosexuality is spatially built from the space of the body to the one of the city, up to the global’s ; which means that heterosexuality is spatially produced as much as it shapes space through bodily performances. These performances involve a human body that is understood as a site of encounter (Ahmed 2000) between social interactions and place. They also contribute to “...the relational (re)constitution of bodies as sites and sights” (Browne 2006). Nevertheless, heterosexuality is differently experienced through, amongst others, class, race and gender (Binnie 2011 ; Taylor 2011). But this “Holy-Trinity” of race/class/gender social identifications tends to exclude sexualities from other structures of oppression such as age, (dis)ability and religion (Brown 2012), and as a consequence geographies of sexualities seem then to focus on places that “evince particular intersecting identities over others” (Valentine 2007). As for one, queer spaces then turn the spotlight on how heteronormativity is spatially performed and reiterated, at the articulation of different types of privileges.
This session welcomes papers – preferably in English or French, but also in Spanish - that will be keen to discuss the hegemony of heterosexuality from different standpoints and case studies. It explicitly invites to flesh out the distinction between heterosexuality versus heteronormativity, by highlighting how sexual normativities are (re)made through the daily reiteration of fictitious norms of sexuality, race, class, gender, age, (dis)ability, religion, amongst others. As these norms could be linked to commodified practices, these different sexual normativities could be addressed in relations to globalization, tourism and mobility (Puar 2002).

Please send your name, affiliation details and email address along with your abstract of around 250 words to karineduplan@yahoo.fr by April 18th, 2013.

For more details about the conference, please visit the website : http://egsc2013.pt.to/

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