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The Gender Dimensions of Armed Violence

25 février - Genève

Date de mise en ligne : [20-02-2013]

Mots-clés : guerre | violence

lundi 25 février 2013, 9h00-18h00
Auditorium Jacques-Freymond, 132 rue de Lausanne, Genève

Présentation :

The gender dimensions of social conflict, armed violence and peacebuilding are multifaceted and complex. Quantitative research has demonstrated a strong correlation between levels of gender inequality and war, suggesting that women’s subordination and vulnerability is a significant predictor of armed violence. Women and girls often bear the brunt of violence, insecurity and impoverishment. Consequently, women tend to be portrayed as passive victims whose agency in social conflict remains ignored. Yet, the war-related transformation of gender roles offers women opportunities of economic empowerment and political leadership that is often reversed once violent conflict ends, leaving women again in a state of insecurity. The exploratory workshop panels are organised around three main questions : (1) How is gender (equality) linked to armed conflict ? (2) How and why is violence against civilians gendered ? (3) What role does gender play in processes of violence prevention and peacebuilding ?

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