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Feminism, Autonomy & Reproductive Technology

Avant le 1er août

Date de mise en ligne : [02-03-2011]

Mots-clés : féminisme | biologie

A Special Journal Edition in Techné : Research in Philosophy and Technology

The aim of this special issue is to offer an interdisciplinary analysis focusing on reproductive technology from philosophical and psychological perspectives, including diverse approaches from within each (feminist theory, analytic philosophy and continental philosophy, developmental theory, psychopathology and ethology.) We welcome papers that address questions such as these : How might the use of technology help or hinder women’s autonomy during labor and birth ? Given recent developments in reproductive technology, do we need to rethink the concept of autonomy as it relates to labor and birth ? Which social attitudes might pressure or coerce women to use technology during labor and birth ? What social norms and values might pressure women differently within different societies to use such reproductive technologies ? What attitudes of health care practitioners might pressure or coerce women to use technology during labor and birth ? What moral and/or political implications follow from the use of technology during labor and birth and the impact of its use on women’s autonomy ? Can women make autonomous choices if they cannot be informed adequately because of a lack of randomized, controlled studies on the use of technology during labor and birth ? Does informed consent require that physicians inform laboring or birthing women of alternatives to the use of technology ?

Papers must be complete and should not exceed 8000 words, although shorter papers of at least 6000 words are welcome. All papers will be blind reviewed. Please list your contact information, the title of your paper and a brief abstract (of no more than 200 words) in a separate attachment from your paper. All papers should be sent in regular .doc format with notes numbered consecutively and placed at the end of the main text rather than as footnotes. For more details please see the guidelines for submissions on the journal’s site at http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejournals/SPT Please enter “Special Issue Submission” in the subject heading of your paper submission. The deadline for papers is August 1st, 2011.

All papers should be e-mailed to : Dana Belu, Philosophy Department, Cal-State University at Dominguez Hills, dbelu@csudh.edu, Sylvia Burrow, Philosophy & Religious Studies Department, Cape Breton University, sjborrow@gmail.com and Elizabeth Soliday, Psychology Department, Washington State University Vancouver, esoliday@vancouver.wsu.edu.

If you have any questions please contact Dana Belu, guest editor-in-chief at dbelu@csudh.edu

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