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Pornography, audiences and consumers

Avant le 17 janvier 2014 - Porn Studies

Date de mise en ligne : [18-12-2013]

Mots-clés : pornographie

 Porn Studies : special issue

Dr Sharif Mowlabocus (University of Sussex) and Professor William Leap (American University) are editing a special issue of Routledge’s new Porn Studies journal, scheduled for publication in May 2015 (issue 6). The issue will explore the multiple positions from which different audiences engage with pornographic material, and will include articles on research methods, political-economies of pornography and discourses of porn consumption. 

 At the present time, the editors are seeking proposals for papers that specifically address the theme of women as consumers of pornography. Women have historically been underrepresented in discussions of porn consumption and porn audiences and we would like to use this special issue to address this imbalance. Please note that, for this reason, this is a specific call and we are only seeking papers that explore the experiences of female porn audiences / consumers.

 The publishing schedule is set as follows :

January 17th 2014 – Abstracts and biographies due.
February 3rd 2014 – Editor’s decision on submission.
July 31st 2014 – Articles submitted to editors
October 15th 2014 – Reviewers reports returned to authors
December 22nd 2014 – Revised articles submitted to journal for typesetting
May 2015 – publication of article in 6th issue of Porn Studies.

 Abstracts should be no longer than 350 words and should be accompanied by a biography (200 words max) of the author(s). We welcome critically-engaged analyses that are underpinned by relevant theoretical frameworks. Final articles to be no longer than 6,500 words.

 Please send abstracts and biographies to s.j.mowlabocus@sussex.ac.uk by January 17th 2014.

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