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Appel à contributions

Narratives of Transformation : The Ethnography of Sex Beyond the Legacy of Foucault

Avant le 7 mars - Princeton (Etats-Unis)

Date de mise en ligne : [02-03-2011]

Mots-clés : sexualité

Call for Papers : AAA 2011 Annual Meetings
Department of Anthropology
Princeton University

An oft-cited passage from Michel Foucault’s *History of
Sexuality* culminates with the sentence : “The sodomite had been a temporary
aberration ; the homosexual was now a species.” This insight, capturing a
moment of discursive transformation, has informed a rich array of
anthropological and historical considerations of sex and sexuality ; indeed,
so much contemporary work in these domains proceeds along the now-familiar
lines of a Foucauldian-inspired analysis.

In this panel, we ask : What might the ethnography of sex
look like beyond the legacy of Foucault ? In what ways might contemporary
studies extend and/or push against a Foucauldian paradigm ? As organizers,
we envision the intellectual work of this panel to be situated at the
critical intersection of humanistic and queer anthropology. We are
especially interested in papers that incorporate narrative : papers might use
narrative as ethnographic data, construct their argument through narrative,
or theorize the utility of narrative in anthropological endeavors.

possibilities enable us to think the panel’s title in a double fashion :
papers might offer narratives of transformation in the lives of one’s
interlocutors, and/or narratives of transformation in the fields of
scholarly inquiry. We welcome papers from any geographic area(s), and from
authors who consider themselves working within traditions of humanistic
anthropology, the anthropology of sexuality, or both, or whose work will
have significant implications for these domains.

Please email abstracts of no more than 250 words to both
organizers by *March 7th, 2011.

Abstracts should be sent to : bji1@cornell.edu and

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