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Diogenes, "Current Perspectives on Gender Studies"

Date de mise en ligne : [03-12-2010]

n° 225

Diogenes. An International Journal in the Humanities.

Editors : Maurice Aymard & Luca Maria Scarantino
Guest editor : Nicole G. Albert

Table of Contents :

. Nicole G. Albert
Genre and Gender. An Interdisciplinary Epistemological Tool
. Joan Wallach Scott
Gender : Still a Useful Category of Analysis ?
. Tanella Boni
Wounded Bodies, Recovered Bodies : Discourses Around Female Sexual


. Madeline H. Caviness
Feminism, Gender studies, and Medieval Studies
. Moha Ennaji
Multiculturalism, Gender and Political Participation in Morocco
. Sirma Bilge
Recent Feminist Outlooks on Intersectionality
. Boutheina Cheriet
The Ambiguous State : Gender and Citizenship as Barter in Algeria
. Françoise Collin
Between Poiesis and Praxis : Women and Art
. Morny Joy
The Impact of Gender on Religious Studies
. Geneviève Sellier
Gender Studies and Film Studies in France : Steps Forward and Back
. Thierry Hoquet
Is Sociobiology Amendable ? Feminist and Darwinian Women Biologists
Confront the Paradigm of Sexual Selection
. Susanne Lettow
Bio-Technosciences in Philosophy : Challenges and Perspectives for Gender
Studies in Philosophy
. Patrick Cardon
Post-Queer : In Defense of a ‘Trans-Gender Approach’ or Trans-Gender as an
Analytical Category
. Nathalie Ernoult and Catherine Gonnard
Intersecting Views on the Exhibition “elles@centrepompidou”

Book review

. Patrick Cardon, Discours littéraires et scientifiques fin-de-siècle.
Autour de Marc-André Raffalovich (Mathieu Faria).

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